BIRD-N-BUCK OUTFITTERS was established in 1985 and has been offering high quality hunts for over 24 years.  BIRD-N-BUCK offers both guided and unguided Rifle, Archery and Muzzloader Trophy Whitetail deer hunts in Kansas, Oklahoma.  BIRD-N-BUCK also offers hunts on Quail, Turkey, Pheasant, Predators, and Waterfowl.  BIRD-N-BUCK manages thousands of acres of private ranches especially for Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting.  We are constantly searching for additional ranches that we feel have the right habitat to hold TROPHY BUCKS to insure that we have the best areas for you to hunt.  There is one thing that you can count on in hunting and that is that things will rarely be the same every year.  Different crops are planted in fields and even natural browse and mast such as acorns are not the same.  One area that was hot last year may not have the same acorn crop as it had the previous year so the Bucks will not likely be in the same place as well.  That is why our guides spend countless hours scouting and evaluating our ranches.  The reason that we have been so successful every year at producing Trophy Class Whitetails is because you have to first hunt where the Big Boys are.  Second you have to have enough land that they cannot get out of your hunting area.  Third you have to have enough land that if one area is slow you have a back up area to hunt and there is where our large acreage pays off.  We are not forced to hunt the same ranch year after year.    Ask our clients they will tell you that we will do every thing in our power to see that you are successful.

On trophy guided whitetail buck hunts your guide will dress your game, cape the head if requested for a nominal fee, and take it to a reputable taxidermist if needed.  In addition, your guide will teach you some secrets learned from years of outsmarting trophy bucks and give you the personal attention that you deserve. Lodging may consist of staying at one of our lodges, bunkhouses or local motels depending on the ranch we are hunting. For a small fee we can deliver your game to a reputable meat processor.  If you choose to donate your game we can make the necessary arrangements free of charge.  

We use all types of hunting methods to take the bucks in a given area whether it be spot and stalk, tree stands over fresh sign or travel funnels, ground box blinds, elevated tower stands over feeding areas, still hunting, rattling antlers together or small drives.  We will do whatever the situation requires to be successful given the weapon that we are using at that time.  Guides are well seasoned and normally guide  1x2.  Our normal routine is to leave for the hunt early before daylight for the morning hunt, return for breakfast or lunch late in the morning, and go back out for the evening hunt later in the afternoon.  Those who choose to hunt all day will be accommodated. 

The weather in the Mid-west is always unpredictable so you need be prepared.  The average conditions for the month of November are morning lows from 30-40 warming up quickly into the 50's or low 60's.  Light rains are possible and winds from 15-25 mph are common with the passage of numerous cold fronts.  December is an unpredictable weather month with lows from 25-35 and afternoon highs in the 40's to 50's.  Rain and snow is possible but the wind does not blow as much.  Check with us for the latest forecast before leaving on your hunt.

You can expect to be treated with respect, hunted hard, plenty to eat, warm bed, experienced, honest, hard working staff, and a feeling of camaraderie amongst the camp.    There are also ducks, quail, turkeys, bobcats, and coyotes on most ranches. We expect our hunters to be honest, safe with firearms at all times, have a positive mental outlook, a good marksman, and to treat the staff how they wish to be treated in return.

Recommended firearms are scoped rifles sighted in for dead-on at 200 yards of 25-06 caliber or larger shooting 120-grain bullets or heavier.  Average shot on the spot and stalk hunts is about 150 yards and on stands about 75 yards.  Good binoculars of ten power are recommended.  Blaze orange hat and vest is mandatory in Oklahoma and Kansas.

We have the unique opportunity to hunt two or three states back-to-back with as few as two and sometimes no relocation days between hunts.  Combination hunts can be done with bow, rifle, or muzzleloader.  The following are a few of the combination hunts we offer:

Archery - Hunt Kansas and Oklahoma during the rut

Rifle and Archery          Hunt Oklahoma with both weapons  

                                  Hunt Kansas with bow and Oklahoma with rifle

                                  Hunt Oklahoma with bow and Kansas with rifle

Rifle - Hunt Oklahoma rut and Kansas

Muzzleloader and Archery - Hunt Oklahoma muzzleloader and Kansas bow or hunt Oklahoma with both weapons.

.  In closing we want to remind you that there are just so many Novembers, take advantage of them.  We would also like to remind you that we believe that YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS and we will work hard to try and give you the hunt you are looking for.

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